Monday, September 1, 2008

iPhone 3G 16GB

The iPhone 3G is a stylish looking piece of hi tech gadget, the touch screen interface has just been a breeze to use. Dragging and pinching to zoom in and two finger taps to zoom out its about time someone developed this thing. The keyboard that shows up was a bit annoying because when your on the move and you have fat fingers you will get pretty annoyed and can make calling someone a hazardous task. Google maps incorporated with gps(sdk)came in handy this thing can find you wherever you are providing that your 3G coverage is good. Its not really meant for turn by turn directions so what will that mean for the rumored Tom Tom GPS application thats meant to be coming out soon? Like the iPod touch you can only transfer movies photos application and games to it by using iTunes which can annoy but I'm sure we are all used to it by now unless you decide to mess around with hacking the thing. The photo application it uses to take pictures with its 2 megapixel camera doesnt allow me to zoom in...wierd but it takes not bad pictures if you have proper lighting. I downloaded AirMe which allowed me to take a picture of something and upload it directly to Facebook which was cool, there are many applications but not many good ones so far. Now the Exchange server push side of things was not bad as opposed to some complaints I've heard about. I had no problems accessing the company emails, calendar and contacts. Battery life was average which is what you'd expect when you keep playing with it, I heard somewhere that the 8GB has a better battery life but I don't know if thats true or not. So anyway who cares if it's not the best performing device out there but it sure looks good so Just Buy One anyway

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Sunday, August 31, 2008


I remember when I first played Mario Brothers on NES 8 bit my dad bought me a 42 games in 1 catridge with honey bee converter and that was amazingly cool 15 or so years ago and since then I guess SNES was awesome and gamecube sucked but now the Wii has just changed everything! Its a small little system that is about the size of a cd rom drive maybe a bit bigger and stands mostly vertical depending on whether or not you get scared its going to fall when you plug gamecube controllers into the top of it. Actually it took my a while to realize that you could do this because I was actually that immersed in the game play this thing has and I havent had a chance to do much else since then. Whilst all the other consoles are worried about graphics this one focused on the quality of game play that even attracts the oldies to play it all night. Dont get me wrong the graphics are still pretty good and it comes with a sports pack which has tennis, golf, bowling, boxing and baseball by the way Mario Kart Wii is awesome you need to play it now! The thing that makes this system so good is the so called wiimote which is like a magic wand for gaming because its retangular remote control shape can double as practically anything for example a bat, a fishing rod, fists, sword, steering wheel, you name it they've got it. Did I mention you can play games from all the old systems including sega through an online shopping channel? very good selling point but dont expect to find every game on there not even most of them. At half the price of a PS3 this thing is something you just have to have so Just Buy One


I must say Sony have really tried to make this system look good but at a cost! I bought a Belkin HDMI cable for about $90AUD to connect the PS3 to my plasma. When I first turned on the PS3 (40GB model that came with Gran Turismo 5 and 1 controller $700AUD back in May) I must admit these graphics look good apart from the fact I dont really like Gran Turismo the system is built to process a lot of info and because it comes with Blu Ray its no surprise that this thing can perform well. I tried the standard yellow AV cable and the picture kind of sucked so I switched back to HDMI. These days you'd expect a game console like the PS3 to out perform high end pc's so I guess that Blu Ray is what drew me to this system, a Blu Ray player on its own would cost 3/4 of the price anyway and all I got to do is buy a PS3 Blu Ray remote... nice. I noticed also that there has been a few different models of PS3 60GB , 40GB & 80GB some with a chrome finish some without some with card readers most without all this to do with price etc. The way I see it just pull out whatever hard disk it does have and throw in a 200GB, I believe the instructions to do this actually come with the system and that should do it. The system will auto install the software it needs to run and your on your way again just make sure you back up all the stuff you had on the other hard drive first. The Sound quality on the system is very good I hooked it up to my Logitech THX Z series surround sound system and I liked the crisp clarity and bass that comes up from the THX sound test and the start of the movie. Its menu system is pretty straight forward as youd expect and quite a few settings so you can turn stuff on and off etc. All in all its nice to have a system that you can use in everyday situations to play mp3s or watch BD/DVD & Divx/Avi so Just Buy One